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Posted on: February 25, 2009 4:07 am

One of a kind.

The following is copy/pasted from an entry in an online "guestbook."  I'm posting it because it tells the story better than I possibly could.

"Hi Craig and Tammy,

I was at dinner tonight with my brother-in-law, his family and my family for my sister-in-laws birthday. Out of the blue my brother-in-law asked affectionately about this "Finberg guy" and the incredible support he is receiving throughout Montana. When I shared with him the basis of our friendship (forever), my affection for you, your family and your wife he understood why your support is truly incredible.

Craig, you have touched all of us so much. When I think of it, the entire class of '75's love for sports began with you. You made it popular to read the Sporting News, to collect pop tops with pictures of Pro athletes, to study the box scores, to play pick up games of basketball on dirt courts with plywood backboards and to play a classic game of sandlot baseball across from the high school. I recall our group listening to my first World Series on our transister radios, during recess, as the Twins played the Dodgers in 3rd grade. I remember all of us listening to the Wildcats almost winnng State in the mid-60's, and it being the focus of our discussion for weeks. I recall betting you on whether "my" Colts would beat "your" Vikings. I think Joe Kapp through 7 touchdowns that game. So much for my bet.

Throughout my life you stand out in my memories. Whether if was in high school when you led CF to State; watching the Griz play you and the 'Cats; playing softball; playing (or trying) to play golf; sitting down for a beer (or several); laughing over our high school "What's Your Line" skit and Ronnie's never ending stories, it has been an absolute pleasure to be your friend. Obviously, you have touched many in the same way.

As you recall, you were my first client on my first contested case. Finally I could show you that I could do something better than you. However, even when you were playing on "my field" you took control and convinced the decision maker of why you deserved to prevail, and you did. It remains my most satisfying win.

You are a person who would have been justified to have the biggest ego as you had the biggest talent, yet you were the most humble. I remember seeing you at your apartment before your final Cat-Griz basketball games. It was a few hours before tip-off and yet you took the time to introduce me to Mick and Hashley and somehow do your best to convince them that somehow I was significant in your life. After Dillon won state for the first time, you had an entire town that wanted you to share the moment with them, yet you took the time to step away for a moment and have a drink with Ronnie and me. I have had great pleasure in sharing you as an example for my kids as to how a person should treat there friends and live their live. The tributes on this guestbook prove that you have been a positive example to many, over and over again.

Craig, while I am sure there are times that you wonder "why me", trust that this is all part of a bigger plan. Showing us all how you deal with this adversity, to succceed again, will give us all another "Craig Finberg story" that we can share with our friends and families.

Keep the faith. Keep praying, day and night. My entire family [wife, kids, parents, bothers and sister (and now my brother-in-laws family)] are thinking of and praying for you, Tammy and your family. We all love you.

Hang in there Craig. You will prevail!


Craig "Finny" Finberg was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on January 23rd of this year. Here in Montana, we're praying for a miracle; please add your prayers to ours. Thank you.


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