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I have to admit, I'm jazzed about this...

As has become ususal for me, this is totally sports non-related.

(I did go cross country skiing today. That was exausting....but fabulous exercise. Okay, with that comment added, this blog is only 99% non-sports related.)

So, on to what I'm jazzed about. I was awarded Firefighter of the Year by my department Chief on Saturday night. It's probably the first time in the department's history that award has been accepted by someone in a black, back-less evening dress. Laughing

I had a pretty good rookie year.
(complete with Cheshire Cat grin)
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Posted on: December 23, 2009 10:08 pm
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Merry Christmas to all!

Hey, Sportsliners (and especially the outstanding crew of the Auto Racing Board):

I just wanted to take a few moments to wish all of you a Blessed Christmas and a safe and happy New Year (...not just the first day of it; I'm talking about being safe and happy for the whole darned year. It is the start of a new decade after all.)

Life is still just as crazy as it was months ago.  Just today, I went on a call first thing this morning....then straight to work from 0800-1130 at job #1; across town for 1200-1830 at job #2.  Wild. You'll get no complaints from me, though.  I'm in an area where the largest employers have closed their doors entirely, or cut back their work force drastically. Anyone here who is getting a regular paycheck is very fortunate. 

After four-and-a-half months of work, I finally finished the grant for the fire department. (YEA!) Filling out the online application took six hours. (Yeah, it really did.) I'm so glad to have that thing done. What a monstous project....and I didn't even volunteer for that one.  Lesson learned: never turn your back during a meeting.

Despite the craziness, life is good. ....but next time I get called out at 0230 to help carry a 270lb drunk tourist down off the mountain during a snowstorm (the one I mentioned in last month's post)....I might just stay home in bed.   ..................Nah, I'd go. That's just how I am.

Merry Christmas! I hope all is well in your world.

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Posted on: April 22, 2009 9:29 pm

Life is just crazy, or I'd be around more

I've been checking in and reading a few threads on the racing board when I can, but gosh, I've been slammed lately.  In summary: two per diem Physical Therapy jobs (...and I've been warned that a third facility is likely going to call me as well), EMT class (will be finished at the beginning of next month. Yea.), firefighter training (got my "arduous" pack test out of the way, and my wildland refresher done), calls (it's dry here already; four out-of-control grass fires in the past week, and medical calls as usual), and tomorrow I'm teaching English comp at the community college (I'm covering my sister's classes.)  At last night's fire training, I learned to run all the pumps in the two apparatus that I'm least-familiar with, and I got drive the gigantic water tender. (The three engines and the other tender aren't quite so big; that tender is massive. And I seriously feel like a big kid around these trucks; it's so much fun.)

Since the weather has warmed up, it's time to get busy and finish off a few construction projects, too. I forsee being booked pretty solidly all the way through the fall. My posting will be very sporadic, but I'll be keeping an eye on all you guys. Cool



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Posted on: March 16, 2009 1:06 pm

Your 2nd amendment rights under attack

There is currently a bill in congress (H.R. 45) which will essentially grant the Federal government permission to treat law-abiding gun owners no better--or even worse--than convicted sex offenders and other felons. Don't believe me? Check this out, from Congressman Denny Rehberg:

"Americans are concerned about H.R. 45, the “Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009,” sponsored by Representative Bobby Rush. This bill contains sweeping gun control measures such as universal background checks, a federal firearm licensing requirement and the creation of a firearms tracking system.

In addition to the new licensing regulations, this legislation also requires gun owners to inform law enforcement within 72 hours if their gun is lost or stolen. Failure to report a lost or stolen gun will result in criminal charges against the gun owner. Also, if a child uses the owner’s gun to harm themself or someone else, the gun owner will be held legally responsible.

This bill would also prevent gun owners from selling or transferring a firearm without involving a licensed dealer. Gun owners would no longer to be able to sell firearms at gun shows, garage sales or estate sales. Gun owners would not be able to pass down a firearm to a relative, or even their spouse, without involving a licensed dealer.

But most disturbing, H.R. 45 authorizes the federal government to create a massive database containing sales records for every gun sold in America. If this bill is passed, the federal government would know the make, model, and serial number of every gun you own. This information should stay in the hands of firearms dealers and should only be made available to the government if it is requested by law enforcement officials enforcing a judge’s warrant."

Criminals don't register their guns; criminals will not be in a federal database as gun owners. But law-abiding citizens who allow this travesty of a bill to pass congress are agreeing that our own government has the right to treat its citizens as it treats convicted criminals. Anyone who values their right to own a gun needs to contact their representative in congress.

Our president said he would protect our 2nd Amendment rights. Rights without freedoms aren't really rights at all.

(P.S. I don't own a gun.)


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Posted on: March 9, 2009 11:23 pm

The penalty for good behavior...

I posted a new blog entry, and it didn't format quite as I wanted. Instead of spending a bunch of time messing with it and editing, I thought I'd just delete it and do it over again later. Bad idea.

Little did I know that removing my own blog would result in a message in bold red letters stating, "this entry has been removed by the administrator' ...and a score of -100.  Wow. ...and oops. I guess I won't delete my own posts again; the penalty for trying to post only well-formatted information is pretty stiff.

You have been warned. Have a nice day. Laughing


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Posted on: February 25, 2009 4:07 am

One of a kind.

The following is copy/pasted from an entry in an online "guestbook."  I'm posting it because it tells the story better than I possibly could.

"Hi Craig and Tammy,

I was at dinner tonight with my brother-in-law, his family and my family for my sister-in-laws birthday. Out of the blue my brother-in-law asked affectionately about this "Finberg guy" and the incredible support he is receiving throughout Montana. When I shared with him the basis of our friendship (forever), my affection for you, your family and your wife he understood why your support is truly incredible.

Craig, you have touched all of us so much. When I think of it, the entire class of '75's love for sports began with you. You made it popular to read the Sporting News, to collect pop tops with pictures of Pro athletes, to study the box scores, to play pick up games of basketball on dirt courts with plywood backboards and to play a classic game of sandlot baseball across from the high school. I recall our group listening to my first World Series on our transister radios, during recess, as the Twins played the Dodgers in 3rd grade. I remember all of us listening to the Wildcats almost winnng State in the mid-60's, and it being the focus of our discussion for weeks. I recall betting you on whether "my" Colts would beat "your" Vikings. I think Joe Kapp through 7 touchdowns that game. So much for my bet.

Throughout my life you stand out in my memories. Whether if was in high school when you led CF to State; watching the Griz play you and the 'Cats; playing softball; playing (or trying) to play golf; sitting down for a beer (or several); laughing over our high school "What's Your Line" skit and Ronnie's never ending stories, it has been an absolute pleasure to be your friend. Obviously, you have touched many in the same way.

As you recall, you were my first client on my first contested case. Finally I could show you that I could do something better than you. However, even when you were playing on "my field" you took control and convinced the decision maker of why you deserved to prevail, and you did. It remains my most satisfying win.

You are a person who would have been justified to have the biggest ego as you had the biggest talent, yet you were the most humble. I remember seeing you at your apartment before your final Cat-Griz basketball games. It was a few hours before tip-off and yet you took the time to introduce me to Mick and Hashley and somehow do your best to convince them that somehow I was significant in your life. After Dillon won state for the first time, you had an entire town that wanted you to share the moment with them, yet you took the time to step away for a moment and have a drink with Ronnie and me. I have had great pleasure in sharing you as an example for my kids as to how a person should treat there friends and live their live. The tributes on this guestbook prove that you have been a positive example to many, over and over again.

Craig, while I am sure there are times that you wonder "why me", trust that this is all part of a bigger plan. Showing us all how you deal with this adversity, to succceed again, will give us all another "Craig Finberg story" that we can share with our friends and families.

Keep the faith. Keep praying, day and night. My entire family [wife, kids, parents, bothers and sister (and now my brother-in-laws family)] are thinking of and praying for you, Tammy and your family. We all love you.

Hang in there Craig. You will prevail!


Craig "Finny" Finberg was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on January 23rd of this year. Here in Montana, we're praying for a miracle; please add your prayers to ours. Thank you.


Posted on: February 1, 2009 7:42 am

Not particularly relevant to anyone but me.

I arrived back home a awhile ago after being called out for a 'possible suicide attempt.' Given the state of the economy, my crew has been anticipating the likely increase in these types of calls.  But this one had nothing to do with economics.

I'll never for the life of me understand what prompts anyone to try meth. It's pure (expletive) poison. The destructive capacity of methamphetamine on the human brain and body makes it incomprehensible to think anyone would ingest it on purpose. Dump alcohol and prescription drugs on top.....what a (expletive) mess.

It's a pretty sad business to spend a few hours in the middle of the night trying to provide some level of comfort to an emotionally-wrecked spouse. I'm glad I was there for this one, though; the guys don't have the experience in dealing with famlies that I do.

Just my opinion, but I don't think there is a punishment harsh enough for someone who manufactures or distributes meth or anything like it. Right now, I'd like to see them fry.

I 'unloaded' here solely to dump this garbage out of my brain and improve my chances of getting a couple hours of sleep on top of the 90 or so minutes I started with. It's working; I'm feeling extremely tired.

If anyone is unfortunate enough to have read this, my apologies. And also for my (suggested) inapproprate language. I"m cranky.

Cat, out.

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The demise of basketball

I used to love basketball.  I played for a great team and we ended up with some very nice trophies.  But it's been a lot of years since I've watched the sport.  I saw this video today and I was reminded of why I stopped watching.

When I was a player, I was once in a very similar situation.  An offensive foul wasn't involved, but there was a player down on the floor in front of me, and I had a considerable amount of momentum carrying me forward.  (And the other player was in a crouched position, not flat on the floor.)  But unlike Coleman, I kept my eyes focused on the other player, jumped over her and landed on the other side on one foot, never having touched her at all. 

About the offensive foul: as far as I'm concerend that was a questionable call. It doesn't matter. It does not excuse Coleman's behavior. 

I've been reading arguments saying that Coleman's 'stomp' was an accident, and that Coleman didn't see Budinger on the floor in front of him.  I don't buy it for a second.  Watch closely as Coleman raises his right foot higher than a normal step, indicating that he knew exactly where Budinger was, then, instead of lengthening his stride to clear Budinger, Coleman shortens his stride to ensure contact.  A careful analysis of Coleman's gait pattern is enough to demonstrate his intent.  It's also rather incriminating that Coleman would choose to look away from Budinger while stepping over him.  If Coleman had any intention of trying to miss his oppponent, he wouldn't have taken his eyes off Budinger for a second until he was safely on the other side.  I've been in that situation, and I know full well how NOT to step on someone else.

As far as I'm concerned, it was completely sickening to see video of Coleman's teammates smiling and practically celebratory, as if he's done something worthy of praise.  It's guys like Coleman, who are apparently lacking any sportmanship or integrity whatsoever, that make the sport not worth watching anymore.

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